City Plaza Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity need a van!


City Plaza Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity need a van!

For: Refugee Accommodation and Solidarity Space City Plaza
Athens, Attica, Greece
Organizer: Darja Babic
of €5,000 goal.
Raised by 7 donors
8% Complete

The Story

The City Plaza is a self-organized housing project for homeless refugees in the center of Athens that accommodates 400 people, among them 180 children. City Plaza is a 7-floor abandoned Hotel, which had remained unused for 7 years until it was squatted by activists and refugees in late April 2016.

In the hotel, families live in rooms and have access to refugee-run and activist-administered healthcare, education and dining, among other services. Most residents play a role according to their own abilities.

City Plaza is based on principles of self-organization and autonomy and depends entirely on the political support and practical solidarity from within Greece and abroad. That is why we call for international solidarity to City Plaza Accommodation Center. Only through massive solidarity and involvement can this ambitious antiracist project survive, defend itself against repression attempts and continue covering the huge daily costs for food, medicine, hygiene products and everything necessary for its daily functioning.

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