Generation Outside Of Afghanistan


Published by Mohammad Mirzay and prepared by Kristina Colovic

A Generation Outside of Afghanistan
Afghan asylum seekers in Greece 2003-2016

This study began in 2014 with the work of Mohammad Mirzay, Kristina Colovic and the creation of the Generation Outside Network targeting the mental health of longstanding Afghan refugees in Greece. Previous studies have found that under some conditions people experience increased levels of psychological distress, related to post migration factors, trauma and quality of life.
We expect to find that increased distress symptoms relating to post migration factors and acculturation concerning asylum and refugee status and lower rates of quality of life. We are also interested in the influence of trauma associated with pre-post migration and the variance between men and woman, asylum status, years in Greece, and personal advancement.
The research is supported through the Generation Outside Network and Deree – The American College of Greece located in Athens Greece. The ongoing research is to scheduled to be presented this fall 2016 and is the first important step in psychological assessment for refugee development In Greece. Moreover, the results will propose evaluation strategies to fill the gap for both mental health services and to advocate for the importance of legal integration.
The Purpose of the research: To better understand the quality of life for Afghan refugees and (all refugees) in Greece.

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