Elliniko Camp August 20, 2016 Generation Outside Afghanistan “ARE WE NOT HUMAN?”


We acknowledge the many humanitarians that stood together in solidarity with all refugees in Elliniko Camp and to share this day together on Saturday August 20th 2016.

Generation Outside of Afghanistan was present with the people to hear and reflect their voices.

The Afghan refugees are asking from European countries why they are not registered and according to policy acknowledged as refugees, they ask:


People want a clear policy that offers a systematic plan for Afghans and demand a response as to why Afghans are not in the proposed Relocation or Family Reunification Schemas?

Currently Afghan refugees in Elliniko Camp have pre-registration cards from the newly adapted asylum service with an approximate time wait of 1 year.


  • Due to the long term waiting process: the atmosphere creates a tension that all are stuck and the lack of authority and security most are at risk and NOT safe
  • There are plenty of vulnerable, pregnant women, and minors together within the general population without any special considerations.
  • Unfortunately to date there is no security after 10pm and no one authority safeguarding people’s security and many people are reporting they are in danger
  • Adding to the fact that there are not ample interpreters in the camp to cover the needs of the people
  • These include some medical teams who have no interpreters:
  • When any request for medicines is made from doctors for any type of sickness all are given the same paracetamol and sometimes offered advice to drink more water.

The main psychological issues stem from the lack of information and rights for Afghans in Greece and Europe, whom are now living in the worst conditions and coping with discrimination from an unjust system, which is creating an overall security risk and heightened political crisis.

An example includes the unfortunate deaths of young Afghan refugees within the camp, never properly reported or accounted for by authorities or the responsible media.

The message many demand to be heard:

“The current asylum system creates the discrimination between refugees NOT the refugees themselves”


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