Generation Outside Presentation & Open Discussion November 6th, 2016 @ 2pm  


Location: Afghan Cultural Center  Address: Peristeri Lefkosias 68dsc_0329

We are pleased to invite you to the Afghan Cultural Center for the presentation of “A Generation Outside of Afghanistan 2003-2016, Afghan Refugees in Greece” a research project conducted to support the Mental Health of Asylum Seekers in Greece.

The open discussion will be Livestream via FB for all to address the critical issues:

  • The Barriers of Afghan Asylum in Greece/EU: sharing the experiences of old refugee asylum seekers
  • Afghan residents of Greece since 2015-post March 2016-Deportation Policy
  • Integration / Lack of Legal Documents
  • The imperative situation of discrimination for people residing in official/unofficial camps, squats and self-organized housing in Greece
  • How to advocate for Afghan participation in the relocation schemes and set up a strategy of support to petition policy makers/stakeholders

Afghan Panel Members will include:

 Mohammad Mirzay, Nadir Noori, Alimadad Rahimi, Rahmad Mohammadi,

Haiatallah Safari

We look forward to everyone’s voice to coordinate the effort,

Thank you,

Generation Outside

Livestream Facebook Event:

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