UNGUARDED blossomed as an artist-exchange and collaborative performance project transcribing and carrying the narrative of refugees, children and families in Europe.  Transdisciplinary methodologies were adapted for performances to promote social and cultural capital through the lens of integration and modern day migration.

The UNGUARDED collective staged, The Sacred Way: Protagonist and Hero? initial work-in-progress performances at Dixon Place, March 2014 and at Between the Seas Festival, July 2014 in New York City. Our current work in progress premiered January 8th, 2015, at Dixon Place. This September 2015 we premiered our first ‘live’ discussion with the Afghan Refugee Community in Athens, Greece for a discourse on “The Intimacy of Identity” & our new production IN∙CITE? at Between the Seas Festival in NYC. Continuing at Laguardia Performing Arts Center November 2015.

A special thank you to Aris MetPaola Revenioti, Ketevan Gvaramadze and Mohammad Mirzay for sharing their real-life stories that inspired us and were/are an integral part of our storytelling-narrative.

Ketevan A True Story of Survival



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