Unguarded Bios

Kristina Colovic
 co-created the concept of the The Sacred Way and set out the groundwork behind the vision of UNGUARDED. Colovic plays the multiple roles as co-creator and director of stage, visuals and research for the project. The current work in progress titled ‘Generation Outside’ continues the collaboration with the Afghan diaspora and refugee community in Greece.



Sara Galassini is the principal performer and co-creator of The Scared Way and the vision for UNGUARDED on stage. Galassini directed both roles as choreographer of movement, and designer of the soundscapes and narrative scores. Galassini originally from Italy and in 2000 she met Ellen Stewart and played the main role in her Italian production of The Monk and the Hangman’s Daughter. She has been working in NYC ever since as a member of the Great Jones Rep. Company performing in Ellen Stewart’s Seven, Trojan Women, Romeo and Juliet, Seven against Thebes, Herakles Via Phaedra, Mythos Oedipus, Dionysus Filius Dei and Fragments of Seven. As a singer songwriter she has been collaborating with composer, musician Yukio Tsuji and founded the Sara Galas Band and created three shows: Waves of all times, Origin a Performance art Installation and most recently The Unmeasurable Picture (2014). They have performed their original music in venues in NYC, Perugia, Florence and the Spoleto54 Festival. Galassini premiered, One in Themselves, at The Club LaMaMa in NYC (2017).

Collaborators Include:

adonis volanakis imageAdonis Volanakis/Greece took the role of dramaturge and co-creator of the UNGUARDED platform for the first presentation of The Sacred Way at Dixon Place, NYC, in March 2014. His practice is the collaborative amalgam of human relations and aesthetics, poetry and politics, fine art and theatre. He curates blinddate12.blogspot.com, an interdisciplinary collaborative platform between artists, writers, philosophers. He has received distinctions from institutions such as the Arts and Humanities Research Board/UK, University of Surrey, London Institute and the Linbury Prize at the National Theatre/UK. Website: Adonis Volanakis


Fa Ventilato/Swiss contributed to the first presentation of The Sacred Way at Dixon Place in March 2014 as the sound-artist performing live and contributed to production of the soundscape for the second presentation at Between the Seas Festival in July 2014. Ventilato is a New York based sound artist and producer with a creative and spirited mind.


Makoto Matsuo/Japan contributed to the visual imagery and stage production at the first presentation of The Sacred Way at Dixon Place in March 2014 and to the visual imagery at Between the Seas Festival in July 2014 & at Dixon Place in January 2015. Makoto is a New York based photographer, visual image artist, producer and musician. His love and devotion for music leads him to explore different types and realms of expressions and communications.

IMG_3644edited1Yutaka Nakamura/Japan contributed to stage production at the third presentation of The Sacred Way at Dixon Place in January 2015. He is also working to write about the scope of our project. Yutaka is a writer, ethnographer, cultural anthropologist and organizer of Ningengaku-kobo [Atelier Anthropology]. Having earned his Ph.D at Hitotsubashi University in Japan in 2008, he is currently an Associate Professor at Tama Art University in Tokyo, Japan.

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